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Prog-Exchange, Yo.

Progressive rock sharing.
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You should know;
1. This community is about as original as a 2005 penny. The only reason why it should be put on a higher pedestal than any other music sharing community on LiveJournal is the fact that this community is 1. for progressive rock / melodic, complexe rock / un-emo-indie-played on every radio station at 3pm - rock. I've looked for other communities of the likes, and to my immense sadness (drawn from laziness) most of them seemed to have died out (i.e. no post for two months, etc). Seeing as I live for new music, I just couldn't take it. Yes, this is a selfish cause. Yes, I flaunt it. Yes, I love Yes.

2. I, heynameless, am not a progmonster. I do not know every single song off every single album of Pink Floyd, even if I adore them. One would think that someone extremely familiar with the music should start a community like this one, but I defend my case by declaring that this is a place to share, discover and adore, a procedure which many of you music-worshippers might be familiar with -- not to teach others about music.

3. There are no strict rules. Post whatever music you deem divine / worth listening to. It doesn't all have to be considered prog, because the definition of prog in itself is awfully vague. Everything from AC/DC to Zappa is welcome, as long as there is no "50 Cent" in between. I only ask one thing, though : NO "Is _________ prog, in your opinion?" posts. I don't give a damn if Muse isn't considered prog by 70% of people. It doesn't make their music less appealing, does it?

4. Album sharing owns all of your mothers, so yes, share and upload and download and caress all the albums you desire. PLEASE MAKE ALL OF YOUR POSTS FRIENDS ONLY, THANK YOU.

uploading sites
You Send It ; Rapidshare ; Megaupload ; Turboupload

banners ; you can be lovely and host onto your own url, too!
join sellingechoes for progressive rock sharing, and eventual world domination

join sellingechoes for progressive rock sharing, and eventual world domination

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