Jakis (jakis) wrote in sellingechoes,

Come on, People

I am recommending:
Song(s): Air Born, and Rhayadar
Artist : Camel
Album : Moonmadness
Format : .mp3
Link: Air Born, Rhayadar"

I don't know why nobody is sharing, but I'm still gonna do it. Thanks, or no thanks. Lol. I found some good music through this thing (Flower Kings) and I wanna share stuff too.

Anyway, here it is. Relatively unkown progressive band called Camel. I love these two songs, but they have many, many more great songs. Enjoy!
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I have Camel's Retrospective: Echoes and it is phenomenal. The Snow goose is one of my top 70s prog rock albums
Mad love for Camel. Have you heard of Caravan? And if so, how do you rate them?